Aluminum frame

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Aluminum alloy is a kind of material with main component of aluminum, aluminum rod by hot melt extrusion, aluminum material and different section shapes, but added to the alloy the proportion of different mechanical properties and the application field of industrial aluminum produced are also different. Generally speaking, the aluminum profile refers to all the aluminum profiles except for the building doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and the aluminum profile of the building structure. 
1. Aluminum surface after oxidation, the appearance is very beautiful and dirty-resistant. Once coated with oil, it is very easy to clean.
2. Assembled into products, with different specifications of the profiles according to the different load bearing, and the use of supporting aluminum accessories, no welding, more environmentally friendly.
3. Easy to conduct installation, disassembly, carry and move.
1.Window & Door Aluminium frame
2.Decoration Aluminium frame
3.Heat Sink Aluminium frame
4.Glass Wall Aluminium frame
5.Transport Aluminium frame
Alloy: 6063, 6061, 6060, 6005, 6082, 6463, 7075.
Surface Finish: Mill finish, Anodizing, powder coating, wood grain, electrophoresis, polished, brushed.
Color: Silver, bronze, champagne, titanium, nickel, golden yellow, white, black, grey, green etc .