Switchable glass

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Vital Switchable glass is a new type of special photoelectric glass products, which is formed by the combination of the liquid crystal film into two layers of glass, and after the high temperature and high pressure. The user controls the transparency and opacity of the glass by controlling the on-off current. The glass itself not only has all the characteristics of safety glass, but also have privacy control glass transparent or not, because of the characteristics of the liquid crystal film layer, switchable glass can also be used as a substitute for common screen, projection screen, high-definition screen image presentation on the glass.        
Privacy protection, projection, safety, environmental protection and sound insulation etc. 
1.Projection screen effect, office area, conference room, monitoring room partition.          
2.Curtains can be replaced, play off and privacy protection function.                   
3.Museum, exhibition halls, shopping malls, bank security applications
Layer: 1.5mm