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Vital Glass block is made by glass sand, soda ash, quartz powder & other silicate which melted in hightemperature. It has no poison, no pollution, no peculiar smell, and takes no encroachment to human's body. It is green environmental protected production in reality as well as in name. Glass block is a new building decorated production.
1.It has characteristic of pervious to light but un-transparent, sound insulation, high thermal resistance, low conduction of heat, high intensity, able to endure corrosion, heat preservation, moist insulation, etc. 
2.The designs are beautiful and luxurious.
and it’s easy and convenient to build.
widely used on wall decorated in the room or outside, for sitting room, kitchen, toilet, doors and Windows, porch.
Size: 190 x190 x80mm, 190x190 x95mm, 145 x145 x80mm, 145 x145 x95mm
Type: Acid Cloudy Clear, Acid Direct Clear, Clear, Cloudy, Crystal, Parallel, Cycle Rhombus, Diamond, Diagonal, Double Star, Frost Bisfar, Ice Shadow, Lattice, Mushy, Meteor, Mist, Mosaic, Oblique Line, Parallel, Rain, Rhombus, Seawave, Water Bubble, Well Shape, the surface is also could be made into cloud and mist.
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