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Vital Glass mosaic materials are of various colors. It’s made of natural minerals and glass powder, regarded as the safest building materials, is also an excellent environmental protection materials. It is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, non fading, is the most suitable for decorative bathroom wall floor of the building materials. It is regarded as the smallest decoration materials, the possibility of a combination of many changes: Figurative patterns, the same color system depth jump or transition, or other decorative materials such as decorative tiles and other decorative patterns, etc. 
1.Soft color, simple, elegant, elegant appearance, chemical stability, good thermal stability and other advantages. And there is no color, no dust, light weight, adhesive and other characteristics. 
2.Compressive strength, tensile strength, high temperature resistance, water resistance, acid resistance 
Swimming pool, science museums, theaters, TV Tower, kindergarten, bathroom furniture, Disco ballroom, skating rink, bars, clubs etc.
Size: 20×20mm, 30×30mm, 40×40mm. 
Thickness: 4 -20mm
Color: Colorless, transparent, translucent, with gold, silver spots, patterns, or stripes.
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