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Jade glass, is also a special glass.The exterior surface of it into polishing and matte surface, polishing surface effect as the glass surface as smooth; matte surface, surface reflection effects for the diffuse type, with non-slip effect. Used in curtain wall, furniture and indoor engineering installation, coupled with its own translucent characteristics, with three-dimensional effect. 
1.High-tech R & D products, such as jade texture, noble and elegant.       
2. High-grade green environmental protection building materials, no marble, granite inherently harmful to human radiation pollution. 
3. No weathering, good weather resistance, both helpful in indoor and outdoor use.
4. No moisture absorption, easy to clean, resistant to pollution.
5. High temperature resistance, no burn injury. 
The exterior and interior decoration: the whole curtain wall, wall, column, dado of high-grade buildings and public places in the wall.
Thickness: 20,30mm                                                            
Size: 2400x1400,3000x1400.