Patterned glass

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Vital Wired patterned glass is a translucent figured glass with melt wire inside for safety purpose which allows transmission of daylight, while obscuring visibility of object.It is manufactured by the Roll-Out process, whereby a roller imprints the pattern onto the glass surface. Wired glass is one kind of safety glass as in case of breakage, the glass pieces will stay on the mesh. And the wired glass can also be used as fire-resistance glass. 
Safety: Even wired glass broken in shocking,the fragments will still be connected by the wire meshes and won't fall down
Fire proof: Wired glass is suitable to be used as an efficient fireproof material.Even wired glass breaks in the fire,the fragments will still connect together and not fall down,so it can prevent fire spreading.
Translucent decoration: it’s pervious to light opaque, use more wait at closet decorate area
Windows for housing,flats,general construction
Furniture, display bases house fitting, partitions
Decorations e.g. front doors, shop display
Wall and ceiling claddings
Thickness: 6mm,6.5mm,7mm
Patterns: Nashiji
Color: Clear, Bronze, Grey, etc
Size:1830x2440mm,1830x1220mm,1830x2134mm,1500x2000mm,2500x2000mm etc.