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Give any wall space a chic touch with this Rectangular Mosaic Tile Mirror. A gorgeous bevel mirror finished with an exquisite tile frame adds the perfect amount of style and function to any room, hallway, or entry.

1) low water absorption; 
2) easy to clean;
3) anti-fade, anti-corrosion;
4) anti-slip;
5) wear-resistant;
6) anti-acid. 
Indoor and outdoor for wall of hall, swimming pool, restaurant, floor, suitable for decoration at interior and exterior application
Product name: glass mosaic, mosaic, mosaico, mosaique, mosaik, crystal glass mosaic, stone mosaic, glass tile
Size(mm) 15*15mm, 20*20mm, 15*31.5mm, 48*48mm, 50*50mm, other size is acceptable
Thickness 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
Sheet size main size: 300*300mm 327*327mm, 315*315mm, 318*318mm, other size is acceptable
Color: white, blue, more than 60 colors for choice
Joint 1.8-2mm
Mount mesh mounted, paper mounted, plastic transparent sheet, or bulk  
Store Notice
1. The storage or warehouse must be dry and a constant temperature is necessary.
2. Large mirror sheet should be placed in safe area, and do not store in outdoors.
3. Far away from heat and any kind of chemical such as acid, alkali, fuel, putty and various organic solvents or vapors, etc.
4. Vertically placed with paper interleaved.