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The mirror, a device which we use to see our reflection on, is a very important piece of every house. Not only is it used to see ourselves in and put on some make up, do our hair or just see ourselves from another perspective, but a mirror is also used as a very fancy interior decoration.
You can have a standard mirror in your bathroom or bedroom, but there are some really creative mirror designs that can be used as great decorations for any room. That’s why Decorative mirror produced.
1. The mirror surface is clear and bright, giving distinct and lifelike image.
2. The plating layer is rigid and bond and the protective layer impregnable with good erosion resistance.
3.  High quality clear float glass and modern equipment combine to produce nice feeling mirrors of exceptionally high quality.
1)Decoration and furniture;
2)Bathroom mirrors;
3)Rearview mirror for automobile;
4)Material mirror for safety mirror and shaped mirror and beveled mirror;
5)Fitness/Gym Mirror;
6)Other places that requiring for silver or aluminum mirror.
Thickness:1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.7mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Size: 915*1220mm, 1830x1220mm, 1830x2440mm etc
Colors: clear, bronze, blue, green, grey, etc. 
Store Notice
1. The storage or warehouse must be dry and a constant temperature is necessary.
2. Large mirror sheet should be placed in safe area, and do not store in outdoors.
3. Far away from heat and any kind of chemical such as acid, alkali, fuel, putty and various organic solvents or vapors, etc.
4. Vertically placed with paper interleaved.
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