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Vital Insulated glass/ Double glazing glass/Hollow glass is made of two or more pieces of glass glazing sheets which might be low e or reflective glass or normal float colored glass. There are aluminum alloy partitions filled with drying agents between the sheet glasses, which makes the air inside the glasses very dry, reducing the thermal conductivity, preventing the losses of heat transmission and realizing the effect of energy conservation.
Butyl rubber seal is used as the first line, the second seal use glass or plastic polysulfide adhesive on the basis of the used framework of the glasses. The space between the glass and glass is isolated from the outside world by sealant, there is a special gas or air. Insulating glass has good performance of heat insulation and noise insulation.
1. Insulating properties: excellent thermal insulation properties can effectively reduce the heat transfer coefficient U value, maintaining indoor space more comfortable.
2. Anti-condensation properties: As the layer of insulating glass gas interval with good insulation properties, making the inner and outer glass, insulating glass case of heating in the winter with a large temperature difference, but with a very small difference in temperature between the glass. So it has good anti-condensation properties. 
3. Noise performance: Hollow glass can be reduced about 34 db noise can be reduced to 80 dB 45 dB traffic noise, very quiet level. 
4. Beautiful: can use different colors to achieve a good aluminum spacers in a decorative effect. 
5. Diversity: According to the different needs of customers, while a variety of specifications, the color of stainless steel section intervals, and can choose to charge into the inert gas.
- Window and door
- Facades, cladding and curtain walls
- Automobile, train, vessel
- Refrigerator freezer
Max. Size: 2500mm X 3600mm 
Min. Size: 300mm X 300mm 
Air or argon spacer gap: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm etc
Glass thickness: 5+9A+5mm; 6+12A+6mm; 6+16A+6mm; 8+12A+8mm; 8+16A+8mm; etc
Glass can be Tempered, Heat Strengthened, Heat Soak Test
Glass Option: Annealed Float glass, Low-E Glass, Tinted Glass, Reflective Glass, Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass, Silkscreened Glass etc
Glass Color: Clear, Ultra Clear( low iron), light blue, Ford blue, dark blue, ocean blue, light gray, blue gray, light green, gold, bronze etc. 
GB/T11944, Chinese standard.
EN 1279, European Standard.
ASTM E 2190, American standard
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