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Blinds Between the Double Glass is an excellent screen against solar radiation. It also provides privacy with the pull of a cord or magnetic slider. Because the blind is located between the panes of glass, there is never a need for cleaning. We have:
Manual  Magnetron  Vacumm  Blinds

The product is used magnet to control the vacuum blinks. It is aesthetics, and easy to use. Also it is environmental friendly and have a high hygiene standard. The products has full glass and shutters of Israel, screens films have a variety of colors, which can be customized depending on the desired style, and fully meet the personalized needs. This product is widely used in casement window, sliding doors and partitions.

Electric Control Vacuum Blinds    

The products are automatically operated, the rise and fall of the Venetian blinds, flip through the wireless remote control to change the amount of indoor lighting. Greatly improving the convenience and aesthetics of the product’s operation, The motors of products all imported from Japan. It is a long lasting product, and has been through 50000 lifting test, still perfect and normal use. 
The product is widely used in luxury hotels, office buildings, hospitals, etc, as a curtain wall, windows, doors and partitions. 

Manual  Magnetron  Organ  Screens

The characteristics of this product is used-woven organ screen, it has more cosy and elegant features. Great shading performance helps to achieve a greater reduction in the loss of temprature, reduce the use of air conditioning energy consumption, more environmental protection and energy saving. 
The products are widely used in home bedrooms, living room, art tudios, conference rooms, hospitals, etc. In order to achieve full shade or half shade purposes.

Eletric  Remote  Organ  Screens 

The characteristics of this product is non-woven organ screens, It is more cosy and elegant. The product has better shading performance, in order to achieve a greater reduction in the loss of temperature, reduce the use of energy consumption, more environmentally friendly energy. It is easily go beyond the traditional beauty. The organ screens have a variety of styles, not only to meet your individual needs, also to have a better reflection on your distinguished identity. 

Electric  Remote  Control  Skylights

This product brings a new experience to the home, office decoration, unique design and functionality. It integrates wireless remote control device with a cosy and elegant organ screens, and free to control the amount of light, which brings a new visual enjoyment and comfort. It is widely used in villa sun room, leisure clubs, hotels, etc.

With the broken bridge aluminum alloy used together, further truncated heat loss channel, more energy, more ronmentally friendly.

Free cleaning: double glass seal, to ensure that the hollow part of clean pollution-free, permanent cleaning, suitable for kitchen and toilet; 
Light: by changing the shutter angle can be changed into the interior of the sun angle and flux, make indoor light soft, avoid glare 
Flexibility: the material and color of the hollow shutter can be used for the convenience of the user and the environment; 
Beautiful and generous: the transmission system is fully enclosed in the outer frame, simple and easy to install. 
High reliability: the use of special materials for hollow shutter, wear resistant metal materials,transmission system, motor system, control system uses high reliability components, to ensure long-term stable operation of the system. 
Sound insulation and thermal insulation performance: the optimal design of the interval between the two layers of glass, that is to avoid the internal gas convection effect, improve the insulation performance of the window, while ensuring good sound insulation effect 
High taste: instead of traditional curtains and sun shading, more taste, and save space. 

Cut Off

Cut off, also known as high partition wall panels. The needs of environmental protection, lighting, noise, flexible design, repeated disassembly and other products, but also industrialized the inevitable trend of decorating. It can be widely used in a variety of Conference hall, exhibition hall, resturant, clean factory, star hotels, office buildings, commercial office buildings, universities, banks, hospitals and offices and other places.

Sun Room

The sun room system categories include: slant skylight systems, smart shading systems, natural ventilation systems, Energy saving LOW-E glass. Novel sun room shade, gorgeous design, construct safe, high airtight process structures to ensure that the seal does not leak, energy-saving insulation, efficient sound insulation, natural ventilation and effective drainage, and easy to clean and UV protection, a wide range of superior performance. It can be intelligent remote control system to adjust the transparency of glass and opaque green energy at the same time, the perfect privacy.

Internal Aluminum Frame


Aluminum  alloy


1.0mm-2.0mm profile thickness.

* Surface Treatment

Powder coated/ Electrophoresis/ Anodizing etc

* Color

Could be matched with blinds such as white ,silver ,gold etc

Insulated Glass

* Type

Tempered Glass/ Laminated Glass/ LOW-E Glass/ Tint Glass etc

* Thickness

Air space 21mm,23mm,25mm,29mmwith or without  argon ,
 Double air space or single air space

* Color

Clear, Obscure, Green, Europe Grey etc

Pvc or metal blade(inside)

* Width

12.5/15mm etc

* Color

White, Black, Silver, Brown etc

* Thickness


fabric curtain (inside)

 Special cloth ,styles and patterns customized 

Magnetic control

 Single handle control   or double handle control 

Shading coefficient

Slates Vertical State

Slates Parallet State

Slates Close State

Mini-blind Glass




Heat Transmission

Slates Vertical State

Slates Parallet State

Slates Close State

Mini-blind Glass




Broken Bridge Aluminum




Low-E Mini-blind Glass